WHO: Parsley

WHAT: This was primarily covered in the splash page and submitting page, but Led Astray is a slash archive dedicated to "Clerks" slash only. It has to, in some way, involve Dante and/or Randal. So you can have Dante/Randal (the preference around here), or Dante/Jay, Steve-Dave/Randal, Dante/Randal AND Jay/SilentBob, whatever the fuck you want, but it has to involve at least one of them. The stories can range from G to NC-17, from pure fluffiness to extreme angst, as long as it's entertaining.

WHEN: It was officially opened on November 3rd, 2001. It was then entrusted to me and moved to populli.net in early 2003.

WHY: Because it's the right thing to do. Dante and Randal want you to slash them.

DISCLAIMER: All things Askewniverse belong to Kevin Smith and all those at View Askew Productions. None of us are being paid for this.