If you didn't read this in the about section, here's the rundown:
Led Astray is a slash archive dedicated to "Clerks" slash only. It has to, in some way, involve Dante and/or Randal. So you can have Dante/Randal (the preference around here), or Dante/Jay, Steve-Dave/Randal, Dante/Randal AND Jay/SilentBob. whatever the fuck you want, but it has to involve at least one of them. The stories can range from G to NC-17, from pure fluffiness to extreme angst, as long as it's entertaining.

You can send me fanfics in any format, as long as it can be opened in MS Word, natch.
Fanart whould be in either .gif or .jpg (.jpeg) format, nothing else. (I will make exceptions for .bmp but I'll most likely convert it to a jpg.)

EMAIL: theparsley@hotmail.com