Title: Love Has No Expiration Date
Author: Charles
Feedback: junpei@g...
Fandom: Clerks, the movie (Askewniverse)
Pairing: Dante/Randal
Rating: Different for each part
Archive: Yes to list archives, otherwise ask.
Summary: Dante does something stupid and Randal finds out, which leads to good results.
Series/sequel: Nope. Just these three parts.
Spoilers: For the movie Clerks, and a very minor one for Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back
Disclaimer: I am soooo Kevin Smith's bitch. Although I'd rather be Mosier's... *ahem* Not mine, Kevin's. Don't sue, I'm broke. Not making any money off of this.
Notes: It started out as a simple little thing where Veronica played matchmaker for Dante and Randal, but then the characters took over... And hey, anyone want some Walt/Steve-Dave bunnies?
Dedication: As always, much gratitude and love to Random and Saone, my betas and cheerleaders. This is also for TV's Bialy, the biggest Dante/Randal 'shipper I know. One of her pieces of D/R art inspired a little moment in the fic.