Disclaimer and notes in part 0. This part is rated NC-17 for smut!


Dante hesitated as he reached Randal's door. What's the big deal? I've been to Randal's place plenty of times, this should be no different.

But he realized that this time was different. Randal knew about the crush Dante had on him, and Dante knew that changed everything about their friendship. He took a deep breath and knocked.

"Come in," Randal called out. "It's open."

Dante opened the door and stepped into Randal's apartment. Same as it always was, with Star Wars action figures mint on card decorating some of the walls, and a small shrine to the trilogy Randal loved so well. Dante smiled with relief as Randal walked out of the kitchen, drying his hands.

"Go on, sit down," he told Dante. "Why so tense?" Randal asked as he tossed the dish towel over his shoulder and back into the kitchen.

"Ah well, you know." Dante began to reply as he sat down on the only couch Randal had. He tried not to jump as Randal sat down next to him.

"What, that whole thing with you and the photo of me? It's no big deal, really," he told Dante. "All I want to know is, how long have you felt this way?"

Dante felt his face redden because of Randal's question. He tried to calculate how many years it had been since they first met. "I-I guess since we first met," was his stammered reply.

"Jesus! All those years, and you've done nothing but furtively masturbate to pictures of me every now and then? You never once thought that I might have similar feelings? That I might be hurt every time I saw Veronica or Caitlin come visit you at work?" Randal got up from the couch and began to pace around the living room. "It fucking broke my heart when you got back together with Veronica, but I wanted whatever was best for you. I wanted what would make you happy, even if it was her." Randal stopped and looked at Dante. "So you fucked up and lost what you had with her because you couldn't be honest with yourself. I'm sorry that happened."

"Then you understand. You're the one I want, Randal, you're the one who can make me happy!"

"Not so fast, my friend."

Dante was momentarily stunned by what Randal said. Then, without thinking about it, he got off of the couch and went over to where Randal was. Pulling Randal close to him, Dante kissed him, on the lips.

Randal resisted for a moment, and then gave himself into the kiss, parting his lips so that he and Dante could french like mad Scotsmen.

Their tongues dueled momentarily, until Randal gave in and let Dante's tongue gently probe his mouth. Randal groaned and reluctantly broke off the kiss.

Dante looked at him quizzingly. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing," Randal grinned. "I just thought we should move someplace a little more comfortable is all."

Dante's relief was plain to see. "I thought. It's just that."

"Will you stop with the worrying and kiss me again?"

Dante complied.

Somehow, they made their way into Randal's bedroom and fell on the bed. The two of them continued to kiss for a few minutes, just lazily investigating the others' mouth. Randal eventually broke it off, despite the noises of protest Dante made.

"If I knew you were this easy, I would have seduced you a long time ago," Randal smirked.

"Seduced me? You didn't seduce me!"

"Didn't I? The world may never know."

"Oh, blow me," was Dante's reply.

"As you wish," Randal told him as he got down on his knees and pulled Dante towards him. He pulled down the zipper on Dante's jeans, and gently freed Dante's stiffening cock from the confines of his boxers. Randal toyed with it, squeezing it softly and slowly stroking it. Dante groaned at Randal's gentle ministrations.

Randal paused for a moment, and then took Dante's hard member into his mouth. Dante moaned as the velvet warmth of Randal's mouth enveloped him.

Randal's head began to bob as he let Dante's cock slide in and out of his mouth, never taking all of it into his mouth. His tongue lazily tickled the sensitive head of Dante's member, and Dante began to buck and writhe .

With a noisy slurp, Randal removed his mouth from Dante's crotch and looked up at him. Dante was breathing heavily, and Randal wondered how much longer Dante would last. Randal lowered his head one more, and cupped Dante's balls in one of his hands.

He squeezed the sac gently as he traced a random pattern on Dante's shaft with his tongue.

Dante thrust his crotch into Randal's face, getting into a rythym with Randal. They kept this up for a few minutes, and then Dante cried out. With one final thrust, he shot his load into Randal's mouth, the warm salty taste nearly overwhelming him.

Randal tried not to swallow. After all, he didn't know where Dante had been. He got up and walked over to the wastebasket. Randal spit into the trash can, and looked back at Dante, who was sighing contendedly on the bed.

Randal climbed back onto the bed and lay down next to Dante. He nipped Dante's ear and whispered, "It's your turn now."

Dante smiled shyly as he sat up. He still couldn't believe this was happening, and his hand trembled slightly as he reached over to undo Randal's jeans. Dante reached inside Randal's underwear and released his stiff member from those confines.

Dante gently stroked it and rubbed his thumb lightly over the head of Randal's cock, which was already leaking with pre-ejaculate.

"You don't have to do anything you don't want to do," Randal groaned as Dante squeezed his hard cock.

"I know," Dante told him as he released Randal's member for a moment. He slid off the bed and got undressed, his dick beginning to get hard again. Randal looked up to see what Dante was doing.


Dante silenced him as he leaned down for another kiss. He broke off the kiss and told him to get undressed.

Randal sat up and did as Dante asked. He settled back down on the bed, looking up expectantly at Dante.

"Lie down," Dante told him. Randal complied, and waited.

Dante joined Randal on the bed, and straddled Randal's legs. Sliding up, he leaned down and shivered as their cocks touched. Randal groaned as Dante settled on top of him, the hair on Dante's chest scratching his smooth skin. Dante caught Randal's mouth in another kiss and began to rock back and forth, his cock sliding over Randal's. The friction was exquisite, and Randal began to move in sync with Dante.

The bed shook because of their movements, and the pace of their frottage grew faster and faster as each minute passed. Eventually, Dante broke off the kiss and cried out again as he came, his warm seed spilling all over Randal's torso. Dante continued to thrust along with him until Randal reached orgasm as well. Randal's seed joined the cooling puddle on his chest, and Dante rolled off of him. They both lay there, breathing heavily for a minute or two. Then, Randal turned to face Dante.

"I bet you don't get that kind of performance from my pin up."

Dante smiled and nodded, too exhausted to speak.

As they drifted off to sleep, Dante wondered if Randal wanted to try snowballing next time.