Title: Memories And Soysauce
Author: Luna "Tic" Vee
Fandom: Clerks
Pairing: Dante/Randal
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Clerk-sex, food fetishing, the use of Toshiro as a verb ^.~
Archive: Sure, lemme know
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Series/Sequel: Nope
Summary: Dante remembers how he and Randal got together, and they have their own version of a "Toshiro-san" (as I have come to call it)
Spoilers: Many many for Clerks, reference to eppy 2 of the cartoon, and spoiler for the original lost ending of Clerks where Dante gets...well, if you don't know already, you'll see.
Disclaimer: I own diddly squat. Dante and Randal are property of Kevin Smith, View Askew, Miramax, and the martians that live in Scott Mosier's left ear.


Dante sighed. How weird had his life gotten lately?

First, the whole fiasco with Caitlin, Veronica, and the dead guy in the Quick Stop bathroom.

Then he gets shot, and almost dies. Thank God the bullet missed his heart and just knicked his lung.

Then in the hospital, the first thing he wakes up to is the sight of none other than Randal hovering over him and weeping his baby blues out. He'd looked like he'd been bawling for days. Probably was.

Turned out Randal had stayed by his side the entire time. He was the one to find him slumped against the wall, bloody and unconcious. He was the one to call the ambulance. He was the one to stay by his side the entire time through the hospital. And he was the one to confess that he loved Dante, and would've probably killed himself if he hadn't survived the gunshot.

He loved him. That was new. And it wasn't just Randal being typical and messing with his mind, either. He was sobbing, holding Dante's hand in a vice grip, bawling out his words. He was serious.

"Dante, I love you. I've always loved you. And I always will love you. If you hadn't, if you had died, I, I dunno what I'd do. I'd probably end it all for myself so I wouldn't have to deal with it. I'm sorry for everything I ever did to you, and I just hope you don't hate me after this. But, I love you. I couldn't bear to let you die without knowing. And now that you're safe..." At that point Randal broke into incoherent sobs.

After that, it was just a matter of Dante letting it sink in, coming to terms, that sort of stuff.

And here they were. A couple of happy homos and loving it. Dante finally moved out of his parents' place and in with Randal (he neglected to tell his parents about this new relationship). They took it pretty slow at first, kissing, groping, petting. They didn't actually do any sucking or fucking for a good two weeks. Maybe fear on each part that they would either hurt or disappoint the other. Or just inexperience rearing its ugly head. Whatever it was, it made spontaneous moments of passion a little less...passionate. Jerking eachother off wasn't quite as intimate as one would hope. Although, Randal was a damn fine kisser.

Months go by, they got over their shyness and started trying new things. And liking them. Turns out Randal liked to be more submissive when fucking. Most other...activities, too. Dante had to adjust to being the more controlling one, but in bed, he fit the job well. And damn did Randal give good blowjobs.

Now here they were, Randal laying there on the coffee table, ass naked, sushi on his chest and stomach. That boy always wanted to try odd things. Especially involving food.

"Come on, Dante! What're you waiting for? A written invitation? Now make with the soysauce, loverboy," Randal barked. His love to be submissive apparently not affecting his smart mouth.

Dante smiled. God he was impatient. Stripped down to his boxers as it was, Dante was a little bit chilly. Damn drafty living room. He picked up the bottle of soysauce that Randal had picked up at the Quick Stop before they closed their respective stores for the night and went home. Dante had thanked God he had. He also thanked God that Randal knew exactly where to get good sushi at 11pm on a Saturday.

"There's that lost in thought thing again. Wake up! This ain't exactly warm here!" Randal had to bitch. Not just that, but he was as aroused as Dante'd ever seen him, and really needed a release. He squirmed a bit and gave Dante a cute pleading look.

That's the look alright.

Dante slowly opened the bottle of soysauce and poured a little over Randal's chest, drenching sushi and soft pale skin with the dark brown liquid.

Randal arched at the touch of the warm liquid, letting out a small moan as it wandered its way around his torso. "I feel spicy already," he couldn't help but say with a grin.

Dante smirked, shook his head, and started spreading the soysauce around Randal's torso, getting little moans and hitches from the lithe man as he did so. Then, pouring some into his hand, Dante coated Randal's already swollen dick with the spicy liquid, earning groans and whimpers of his name.

"Holy shit, Dante, yeah, unh, more, more, fuck the sushi just keep that up..." Randal thrust into Dante's hand, but was soon disappointed when the shorter man let go. "Fuck..."

"Now now, first you give me a snack. Then dessert." Dante licked his lips, smeared a thumbfull of sauce on Randal's lips, and promptly devoured his mouth hungrily.

Randal opened his mouth happily to let Dante in, his own tounge invading the mouth atop his. "Mmm..." He couldn't believe it sometimes. The course his life had taken. Never in a million years did he think that he and Dante would be doing a Toshiro in his living room. Never did he think that he and Dante would be kissing like this. Never did he think that Dante would even touch his cock, let alone suck on it near nightly. God, he had a sweet mouth. Times like these made him glad that he'd lost it at the hospital and told Dante everything. Sure, it took a couple weeks for Dante to come to terms with his best friend loving him, and even longer for him to actually develop, if not dig up supressed feelings for him. And at least a week for that dual pining to turn into something more. A kiss in the Quick Stop became feverish making out, and if it weren't for the fact that someone came in and nearly caught them, Dante probably would have laid him right there. Too bad. Doing it in the store would've been pretty fun. Maybe after closing...

"Now who's lost in thought?" Dante asked with a smartass grin.

Randal blushed as he noticed Dante eyeing his soysauce-covered dick. "You gonna do it or do I have to beg?"

"Fine, fine. But I ain't using any chopsticks for this." And with that, Dante dove his head down and snatched up a roll of sushi, which just happened to be covering Randal's left nipple. After chewing on the sushi for a bit, letting out prerequisite "mmm"s at the tastiness of the fish treat, he swallowed the roll, and proceeded to latch onto Randal's newly exposed nipple, making Randal yelp in suprise.

"Holy shit! Gimme some warning!" melted into a series of moans as Dante sucked upon the hard pink nub, biting down occaisionally. Randal arched up, groaning incoherently.

Dante made a purr-like sound and let go of Randal's nipple. He had more in mind. Slowly, slowly, he started licking along Randal's chest, lapping up the spicy soysauce as he went, traveling to another sushi roll. When he came upon it, he easily wrapped his mouth around it, chewed it up, and swallowed, licking his lips afterwards.

Randal moaned happily and each and every touch. "Damn, Dante. How do you do that so well?" he moaned, throwing his head back and letting Dante lap at the sauce on his neck.

"Gifted, I guess," Dante purred inbetween licks. "Maybe I just have a really good subject to practice on nightly." He let out a soft chuckle and licked along Randal's artery.

Randal bucked his hips a little. "You're too good to me. Ohh fuck that's nice..."

"Ain't it though?" Dante swooped down, picked up a random sushi roll with his teeth, and bit off half. He delivered the other half to Randal's waiting mouth and finished off his own half. "Thought you might want a snack too." He smiled cutely.

Randal chewed quickly and gulped the sushi down. "Damn right I do, but you gotta suck mine first." He grinned, arching his hips to punctuate his statement.

"In due time..." Dante continued licking Randal's torso free of the soysauce, eating the sushi rolls as he came upon them, making Randal groan happily.

God, Randal was beautiful. Tall, thin, a little muscular, pale, and nary a scratch on his flawless skin. He was perfect. Absolutely perfect. Long, strong legs with only the light sprinkling of barely there blonde hairs. Bright blue eyes that always shimmered. Lovely pink nipples, sensitive to the touch. Long, average width cock, and a lovely small thatch of blonde pubes at the base. His body wasn't the only beauty about him. His mind was amazing. Full of those odd pop-culture nuances that not even the MST3K writers probably knew. But not just that. Beneath the layers of useless information pulsates a very intelligent brain. Randal was slick, could talk his way out of and into any situation, and can easily run circles around most with his frighteningly logical reasoning, however illogical it may be.

Randal was clear of sushi and almost completely of sauce by now.

Dante licked his lips and decided it was time to have some real fun. He pulled out the soysauce bottle again, and poured a nice large amount straight onto Randal's rock hard dick, making the blonde man tremble and squirm.

"Unh, Dante... quit teasing, man..." came the whimpered plea.

Dante smiled at Randal and got into position between the thinner man's spread legs, grabbing the thighs for something to grab onto. Slowly, slowly, he leaned his head down to lick the head of Randal's swollen and sauce-covered cock, eliciting a slight gasp. Lovely.

Randal let out a cry of joy and releif as Dante proceeded to wrap his mouth around his cock and start sucking as hard as he could. Damn, he could put a vaccuum to shame. Amazing how good he was, had been, since the first time he'd recieved a blowjob from the darkhaired beauty between his legs. How did Dante learn to suck so good? His mouth was wasted on pussy for years. Randal moaned, scooting further up on the coffee table and letting his head hang over the edge, letting out low moans as he tried to keep from bucking up into those sweet lips. Dante's goatee rubbed against his thighs, driving him wild, as it always did.

Dante bobbed his head a few times before swallowing Randal all the way down, fighting back the gag reflex as the long manhood hit the back of his throat. He pulled off a little and wrapped his tongue around the head, relishing the lovely sounds of encouragement Randal made. Then, he swallowed him down again, prepared this time, and started humming low in his throat, bobbing his head and sucking as hard as he could.

Randal bucked up into those soft lips, that hot wet mouth, groaning loudly, letting out gasps each time Dante's goatee brushed against a thigh or his lower abdomen. He was so close to coming, but didn't want it to end. He never did. He wished he and Dante could just make love forever.

Dante slid his hands under Randal's ass, squeezing a cheek in each hand, and decided to finish off with a bang. He pulled back a little so that he could get a handle on things, and ever-so-slowly dragged his teeth lightly along Randal's shaft.

That was all he needed. Randal came hard in Dante's mouth, reaching down to fist his hands in his lover's soft dark hair. He cried out as he shot his load into Dante's mouth, the howl forming some semblance of his beloved's name. Then, he let go and went limp, panting and sweaty, sticky soy sauce still in places.

Dante pulled off of Randal and swallowed a good half of the hot semen, moving up to kiss his lover, snowballing him with the rest.

Randal swallowed, lapping at any stray fluid in Dante's mouth. "Mmm, fuck are you good..."

"I try," Dante said with a smile. He kissed Randal's forehead and helped him to his feet. "Now go rinse off in the shower and meet me in the bedroom. Bring the soysauce. It's my turn." Dante grinned, slapped Randal's ass, and sauntered off to their room, trying hard to look sexy and succeeding verily.

"...how the hell does he manage that?" Randal asked noone in particular. He scampered off to the bathroom to shower away the sticky soysauce quickly. He decided he had better hurry. He was gettin' hungry...


The mentioning of Toshiro-san lately's really affected my brain. Yum.

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