Title: Christmas Cheer

Author: Taylor Jameson

Fandom: Kevin Smith Movies

Pairing: Dante/Randal

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Snippet in response to my Caning challenge

Archive: No, it will be on my page and isn't significant enough to archive elsewhere

Email: taylorjameson@yahoo.com

Series/Sequel: Nope, just a snippet

Disclaimer: I don't own them, the wonderful Kevin Smith does! So, shower all the loving praise and money on him by buying his merchandise...I don't sell any thing.

Warnings: None that I can foresee.

Notes: Realize I have not seen Clerks. This is written purely based on the 2 eps of the cartoon and the comic book (trade paperback with X-Mas edition and "missing scene" from the movie). This takes place after the X-mas special (Without the bottom section of the last page-meaning they're still having cocoa). *G* Those that haven't read it and didn't get what was going on...well, if you really want to know send me an off list mail and I'll explain it. This is not, nor will it ever be, beta'd.

Date: 6/15/2000

Randal sighed, "So, how'd it go with Caitlin?"

Dante looked into his cup of the warm dark liquid, "Almost as bad as your encounter with Vincent."

"I swear, there was a fat man asking for dwarf porn and those stoners work for Santa in the makeshift workshop between the stores." Randal sipped down the remainder of his third cup and handed the empty ceramic back to Dante.

Dante didn't reply, instead he poured Randal another cup and added a couple fresh marshmallows to his own.

Randal smirked and took a spring of plastic mistletoe from a small basket on the counter, then held it above his head. "Hey Dante, still feel like a smooch under the mistletoe?"

Dante sat down the cocoa in front of Randal; "Itís been a while...I almost forgot about last time."

"Oh." Randal sighed, putting back the plastic plant. "I just thought...you know, they were good times."

"I'm not saying it wasn't great Randal, its just..." Dante searched for the words, "Its just that in 10 years I want to look back and remember certain things. A string of meaningless sexual encounters with my best friend are not among them."

"Are you saying that you want a relationship?" Randal took the cup and sipped deep.

"I don't know." Dante replied honestly, then drank the remainder of his cocoa.

Randal's lips slid into a sweet smile, "How about one more...in the spirit of Christmas?"

Dante sighed again, the combination of the Christmas sexual slump, his bad encounter with Caitlin and Randal's (more or less) charm got the best of him. "I suppose one more..." He then proceeded to draw down the shades and lock up for the night.

Randal smirked as he slid into his jacket, then slyly took one of the long, thick peppermint rods and hid it inside the checkered folds.

* * * * *

After a short, silent trip to Dante's apartment, Randal happily entered the small messy place.

Reluctantly, Dante followed. He never really knew how to break the ice when they had their few encounters over the last few years. Spontaneous sex was always Dante's forte, but with Randal it always ended up being...arranged. "Do you want a beer or anything?" Dante shrugged, trying to at least get conversation going.

Randal shrugged out of his jacket (making sure the candy was still well hidden underneath) and kicked off his sneakers, "Maybe later."

Dante hung up his coat and began removing his shoes. The air seemed thick with the act they were about to commit. In a motion he slipped out of the footgear and onto the couch.

Randal took the initiative and straddled Dante's lap, his knees digging deep into the couch. Gently he kissed his always friend and sometimes lover.

Dante let a small gasp into the warm mouth, but didn't protest. As per usual, he ran his trembling hands up under Randal's t-shirt and touched the soft skin.

Randal let his hands unbuckle Dante's pants, then he stood back up and slid them off, sinking to his knees and bringing his face to the soft cotton of Dante's boxers.

Dante drew in a hissing breath through his teeth and ran his hands up Randal's cheeks. After sliding off the other man's cap, he began to ran his fingers through the hair as Randal went to work on him.

Randal peeled off Dante's boxers, then came at him with a force, taking the beginning erection in his mouth.

Letting a thin moan escape his lips, Dante clawed encouragingly at the other man's shoulders.

Randal gave another enticing, yet gentle, swallow. Then, he made his way back to Dante's bare lap. In a flurry of kisses, he pulled the bigger man to the floor with him.

While rolling on the floor like a couple of lust crazed teenagers, clawing and kissing for any bare skin, Dante managed to get Randal out of his jeans and underwear.

As hoped, Randal ended up on top, but facing away from the couch. Suddenly he felt Dante's warm lips around his cock and the damn candy cane didn't matter any more.

Taking Randal deep, Dante threw his head back, and in a less than valiant moment smacked up against the couch, then was shocked to see something red and white fall to the floor beside him.

Randal whimpered slightly when the lips were replaced by a strong hand. Hoping to give Dante an idea, he went back to his own fevered sucking.

Gently stroking with one hand and searching beside his head with the other, his hand happened upon the long hard offender. Trying not to laugh, Dante realized it was one of the large peppermint sticks, then silently unwrapped the end.

Randal began to slip off into his own little world that seemed to contain nothing but Dante's penis.

Then, in one heated motion, Dante planted the candy cane firmly between the cheeks of Randal's small ass.

On an upswing, Randal sat high and slid off his lover, feeling a major pain as the anal intruder fell out.

Dante laughed harshly as Randal rolled off him, howling. "Sorry...I just couldn't help myself."

Randal sat up gingerly, pouting. "If you wanted to cane me...all you had to do was ask."

***** End *****